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nightshade invites readers into a realm of poignant emotions where grief, love, and radical tenderness intersect and asks them to embrace the solace found in the delicate spaces that define the human experience. This collection of elegiac poetry is an homage to the complexities of humanity and is inspired by the enigmatic nightshade flower, as referenced in Shakspeare’s Macbeth.

Within the pages of nightshade, the reader will encounter verses that are both familiar, abstract, and healing, as the poet explores the depths of sorrow and the transcendent nurture of love. Each poem serves as a vessel for contemplation of the ever-shifting landscape of desire. Through evocative language, the essence of the nightshade flower is woven throughout the fabric of this collection, serving as a reminder of life’s divinity and fragility. From the compassionate embrace of a grandfather’s eyes to the ache of farwell, these elegies reflect grace and timelessness and convey the ephemeral nature of existence with sentimentality and reverence.

Bottlecap Press