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Ahmad / loved to run
Brunswick, GA / jogging near his home / outskirts of the city
Callus on my soul / 2 shots to the chest
During the quiet hours / the lurking persistency of
Evangelical Menace II Society / looming presence of ghost hanging from trees
February 23, 2020 / should have been a typical Sunday
God if you 're listening / why?
Holy Spirit if you’re listening / why?
Jesus we find the possibility for redemption / but when that negro returns the'll
Kill him again / an inadequate
Legal system / trigger happy cowards
Mob mentalities nurtured / by consuming spirits / devoid of love
Pulsating veins of despair on a two-lane residential road / nothing can
Quantify their madness / rabid dogs / benefiting from the
Regression of humanity / parasites cultivated through
Systems intentionally designed to destroy lives, dreams, families
To Kill a Mockingbird
Under any condition is a
Violation of God’s divine word / a jury of peers / 11
White peers to be exact
Xactly as the system was designed / we
Yearn for justice and understanding / perhaps on a Mount call
Zion we'll finally get answers

Abecedarian for Ahmad