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look at me when I talk to you
real men make eye contact

words from the lips of a demigod
architect of wars

predator of the lowest and weakest common denominators, Father
why have you forsaken me

a causality of the Nine Realms
Frigga, Queen of Asgard, could not mend the brokenhearted or bind up their wounds

The Allfather, Odin of death and shadows
scolding resentful bitter perhaps

I was not worthy of his love, God
I just needed to make this declaration of truth

if I am to be his son how do I reconcile
with a father who has never shown love

never attended chess tournaments, baseball games, art exhibitions
never offered the wisdom of family history

never ever tucked me in
never read poetry, comics, or watch cartoons with me

never embraced me with words of advice, consultation, affirmation
never accepted nerdy

me, the by-product of a doomed relationship
unequally yoked

righteous love
righteous indignation

who stood in opposition
of my mother’s compassion

an offering of prayers and petitions
tears of Saint Monica

no son of mine will be weak
James Author Bethune
whose ego has consumed self and others

whose impulsive nature is chaos in the flesh
whose demons are my demons

whose lust is my lust
Father—a word that reflects distance

I resist the temptation of mead
as an attempt to claim sanity

I despise drinking alone to ease the pain
flesh seems to be an easier option —

I desire to be worthy of Mjolnir
yet, I bear the same stripes of my father’s father

look at me when I talk to you
real men make eye contact

Black Bifrost