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Inspired by Octavia Butler's science fiction short story "Speech Sounds" (1983).

The state of a particular person while not participating in activities,
the lack of audible sound or...
the lack of presence of sound
By analogy,
the word silence can also refer to any absence of communication,
lack of spiritual connection

One common complaint I hear is that it's so difficult to sit in Silence.
The reason we feel so out of place is because, we have become accustom to noise.
By sitting for a few minutes, eyes closed,
We come face to face with reality.
We feel lost and frightened,
suffocated by the thought of no thought.
Our collective fear of silence is nothing but our fear of life.
If we cannot know silence then we cannot know life.
Life whispers in sound of silence.

These words, they fill the silence
The silence in between
The silence that consumes us
The silence that is me
The silence that is you
The silence that is us...