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The Old Boxing Gym

In their first multimedia collaborative project, the artists portray the hype and demise of one boxer (played by El C.), ultimately examining the media and public's contradictory desire to build up our heroes (specifically our athletes of color) only to see them torn down. The project is developed into three formats: a live performance to spoken word, an installation of 20 photographs and one video projection.

As depicted in the video, this boxer is a young man whose history in the sport still permeates his daily memory. A once promising prospect predicted for glory, we now see a man who clearly did not live up to his hype. The gym in which he once spent the majority of his life training is now a mere shell of the macho grandeur, aggression and intensity it once symbolized. We see a man that cannot move on from his past, and instead, revisits the haunts of his memory—reliving the pain and promise.