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Alice Guy-Blaché - reduxed
silent video collage (3:21)

Chaos, Confusion, or Community

This redux of found video honors the work of Alice Guy-Blaché (July 1, 1873 – March 24, 1968), the first female pioneer in early French cinema. She is revered as a director and writer of narrative fiction films, and she sis seen as a visionary who experimented with Gaumont's Chronophone sound syncing system, color tinting, interracial casting, and special effects. These experimental films reflect the ambiguity and mystical nature of paradoxical parables. Dia combined and altered clips of several experimental films: Danse Serpentine (1897), Avenue de l'Opera (1900), La Fée Aux: The Cabbage Patch Fairy (1900), and Les Fredaines de Pierrette (1900). "Alice Guy-Blaché - reduxed" is an examination of the absurdity of the things we have to confront or entertain in life. Whether it be political policy and legislation, political rhetoric, religious ideology, or socialized philosophy, our world continually throws the absurd in our face, ultimately seeking a response.

"adrift in darkness"
I was once visited by electrified jellyfish,
they were singing in Greek
lost in a sea of uncertainty
gaining an understanding of our fragile memories
merging as one
merging words

accepting that their time here was

One particular was singing a song
without words,
a slow
mournful song

These are visions
trapped in time
wrapped in a world of fantasy
where laws and physics don’t apply
yet relieved that there are no answers
and no need for answers

adrift in darkness
the steady gaze of the
unblinking stars.